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What you need to know about
Public Transport

This is a Rav-Kav card

You need it to ride buses and trains in Israel

Rav-Kav card

How to get started?

1. Buy a Rav-Kav

You can buy it in designated Kiosks.

2. Load your Card

Go to a Kiosk or an ATM and load stored value or a daily pass.

3. Get on the Bus!

Find your bus using Google Maps, or any other app, and tap your Rav-Kav.

How does it work?

  • A typical ride inside the city costs 5.50₪.
  • You can transfer between buses inside the city for 90 minutes for free.
  • The faire of the ride depends on the distance, the transportation type and the traveling area.
  • Kids under 5 ride for free!

What should I load?

Travel anywhere
Stored value 30₪ - 300₪
Travel Inside the city
Daily pass 12.50₪
Excluding train
Including train
Common trips including train
Tel Aviv-Yafo ⇆ Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv-Yafo ⇆ Jerusalem Tel Aviv-Yafo ⇆ Haifa
Single ride 9₪ 24₪ 27₪
Daily pass 18₪ 37₪ 42₪
Common trips including train
Tel Aviv-Yafo ⇆ Ben Gurion Airport
Single ride 9₪
Daily pass 18₪
Tel Aviv-Yafo ⇆ Jerusalem
Single ride 24₪
Daily pass 37₪
Tel Aviv-Yafo ⇆ Haifa
Single ride 27₪
Daily pass 42₪

Where can I load?

In designated Kiosks and ATMs

  Find a service station nearby Find a service station

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