Golden Rav-Kav

Passengers over 75 ride public transportation for free!

Golden Rav-Kav Golden Rav-Kav

What is Rav Kav Zahav?

From in August 2022, citizens over the age of 75 will be entitled to free travel on the Rav Kav on all means of public transportation, all over the country.

The entitlement is obtained by a one-time update of a special profile called "Senior Citizen 75+" for the personal Rav Kav card. The profile can be charged about two weeks before turning 75, and the benefit will come into effect at the beginning of the month in which you turn 75.

Charging the profile does not involve a payment and does not require entering a payment method.

How do you charge a Rav Kav 75+ senior citizen profile?

The profile can be uploaded solely to a personal Rav Kav (i.e., a non-anonymous Rav Kav). If you do not possess a personal Rav Kav, you can order one to your home via the Rav Kav Online website.

The profile can be charged on the Rav Kav Online website, in the Rav Kav Online App for supported Android and iPhone devices or at one of the Rav Kav Online service stations present in kiosks, marketing chains and pharmacies throughout the country.

When charging the profile, you will be asked to present an ID card that includes the date of birth of the Rav Kav card holder.

What about the contracts I have on the Rav Kav card?

If you are over the age of 75 and have updated your 75+ senior citizen profile in your personal Rav Kav, you can obtain a refund for the remaining accumulated value on the card. Should you do so, the accumulated value will be canceled, and it will not be possible to charge additional contracts to the Rav Kav.

Please note: the refund can only be claimed after charging a 75+ senior citizen’s profile. The refund may be obtained via credit to the credit card or in cash at selected service stations.

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