"Geographic" Profile in Rav-Kav Online

Passengers residing in eligible localities get a 50% discount traveling with their Rav-Kav!

"Geographic" Profile in Rav-Kav Online

What discounts do you get?

A “Geographic” profile gives a 50% discount on charging all types of monthly pass throughout the country.

For example, you can purchase a monthly pass for journeys of up to 225 km by bus and light rail throughout the country for only 112.5 NIS. There is also a monthly pass that allows you to travel by train up to a distance of 40 km for only 127.5 NIS. There are additional contracts for longer distances.

The profile is granted free of charge to owners of a personal Rav-Kav living in the eligible localities.

Which localities qualify for the Geographic Profile?

Localities in clusters 1-5 of the Peripherality Index, excluding localities rated 9-10 of the CBS socioeconomic index. For the full list of localities.

To verify your place of residence, the following documents must be prepared:

  • ID card with the addendum indicating your address
  • Municipal Tax form, electricity bill or water bill

If you live in an eligible settlement, but do not have a suitable document with your name on it, you can attach a lawyer's affidavit attesting to the place of residence.

I qualify! How does one load the Rav-Kav profile?

The “Geographic” Profile can be loaded onl Rav-Kav online:

  1. Scan the Rav-Kav on the site or the app
  2. Select the “Load Profile” option from the menu
  3. Select the “Geographic” profile

The process is quick and easy, so what are you waiting for?

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