Rav-Kav Online for Reserve Forces

IDF and Rav-Kav Online are getting you a ride!

Rav-Kav Online for Reserve Forces

How does it work?

Reserve force get a daily pass to get to, and from their summon with public transportation using their personal Rav-Kav card.

Two days before the summon you will be able to load the daily pass to the Rav-Kav card you entered in the "Miluim" website using Rav-Kav Online.

Sounds good! How do I load my Rav-Kav?

The daily pass can be loaded in several ways:

Watch a tutorial video ›

Tried loading you're Rav-Kav and didn’t succeed? Make sure you updated your Rav-Kav card at the "Miluim" website.

I was summoned for more than one day, what do I do?

If you were summoned for more than one day you will get two daily contracts. One daily pass is for your ride to the summon, and the second is for your ride back.

If you are eligible to more trips, you will have additional daily contracts waiting for you in Rav-Kav Online.

Pay Attention: You should load the contracts only after the return date is updated in IDF systems. Once you load the contract you won’t be able to change the date.

For questions and informantion contact IDF at: 1111, extension 4

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