"Young" Profile in Rav-Kav Online

Passengers ages 18 to 26 get a 33% discount traveling with their Rav-Kav!

"Young" Profile in Rav-Kav Online

Who qualifies for the “Youngsters” Profile?

Passengers aged between 18 and 26 (inclusive) are eligible for the Rav-Kav “Youngsters” profile. The profile gives a 33% discount on recharging all types of Rav-Kav monthly passes.

The profile is granted to Personal Rav-Kav owners only.

Wait a minute, the discounts are any good?

Obviously! A monthly pass for journeys of up to 225 km by bus and light rail throughout the country for only 150 NIS. A monthly pass that also allows you to travel by train up to a distance of 40 km for only 170 NIS.

There are additional contracts for different distances.

Great! How does one load the Rav-Kav profile?

For loading of the “Youngsters” Profile on Rav-Kav Online:

  1. Scan the Rav-Kav on the site or the app
  2. Select the “Load Profile” option from the menu
  3. Select the “Youngsters” profile

Within a few minutes, you’re set up until you're 27!

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