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"Discharged" Profile in Rav-Kav Online

Discharged soldiers and those who have completed national service ride for free with a Rav-Kav!

"Discharged" Profile in Rav-Kav Online

Who qualifies for the “Discharged” Profile?

Soldiers and those in National Service Servants who have completed their service in the past year are eligible for the “Discharged” Profile.

The “Discharged” profile gives a free travel on all means of transport, throughout the country, for a year from the date of discharge.

The profile is granted to Personal Rav-Kav owners only.

I got discharged this year, what documents should I prepare?

Discharged soldiers are asked to attach an ID and an IDF discharge certificate showing the date of discharge.

Those completing National Service are asked to attach an ID and a certificate of discharge from National Service showing the date of discharge.

A “Discharged” profile is granted free of charge for one year from the date of discharge.

Excellent! How does one load the Rav-Kav profile?

For loading of the “Discharged” Profile on Rav-Kav Online:

  1. Scan the Rav-Kav on the site or the app
  2. Select the “Load Profile” option from the menu
  3. Select the “Discharged” profile

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