Rav-Kav Online Terms of Service

Please read this agreement (hereinafter: "Terms of Service") carefully before you use the Rav-Kav Online website or the Rav-Kav Online mobile application (hereinafter: "The Website") maintained by or on behalf of Pcentra Ltd, 8 Yitzhak Sadeh Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, PC (Private Company) no. 514115138 (hereinafter: "Pcentra").

The Website enables public transport passengers to purchase and load travel contracts onto their personalized Rav-Kav cards, using a USB-connected card reader/writer. By using the Website, you confirm that you have read and understood this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms.

The terms apply when accessing the Website on any computer or device (such as a mobile phone or tablet computer), via the internet or any other communications network (hereinafter: "Communications Device").

All usage of the Website must comply with the terms described or referred to in this document.

These terms (hereinafter: "Terms of Service") are available to you on www.ravkavonline.co.il. Do not use the Website if you do not agree to be bound by its Terms of Service.

1. Definitions

For the purposes of this document, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

1.1 "The Website" – the Rav-Kav Online System's website.

1.2 "The Rav-Kav Online App", or "The App" – the Rav-Kav Online System's Android or iPhone app, available for download on Google Play or the App Store.

1.3 "Account" – any Registered User's account, administrated by Pcentra Ltd.

1.4 "Registered User" – any person who has registered an Account on Rav-Kav Online, via the Website or in the App, by providing their Personally Identifiable Information and granting their consent to make charges on their method of payment. Registered Users may purchase and use contracts.

1.5 "The Rav-Kav Online System" – the system developed by Pcentra to allow users to purchase travel rights with public transport operators, via the Website using a card reader/writer and in the App.

1.6 "Public Transport Operator", or "Operator" – any public transport operator who is a member of the Public Transport Operators' Forum and is licensed by said Forum to operate such service, and/or any public transport operator who is not a member of the Public Transport Operators' Forum and that has entered, directly or indirectly, in a contractual engagement with Pcentra. The list of members in the Public Transport Operators' Forum may change from time to time.

1.7 "Personally Identifiable Information" – a Registered User's email address and password.

1.8 "Usage of the Website" – including, but not limited to, any existing and up-to-date version, changes, improvements, updates and/or upgrades made to the Website, administered by Pcentra.

1.9 "Fine due to Non-Payment" – the price to be paid by a public transport passenger for a ride for which they do not possess a valid travel ticket or contract, on top of the price of said ride as determined by the Transportation Regulations, 1961, which may be subject change.

1.10 "Content" – any and all information, be it textual, visual, aural, or audio-visual in nature, or any combination thereof, as well as any design, processing, editing, distribution, and presentation of said information, including, but not limited to, images, photographs, illustrations, animations, diagrams, figures, simulations, samples, video files, audio files, and music files; as well as any software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, database, interface, and any character, symbol, sign, logo, or icon.

2. Rav-Kav Online Services

2.1 The purpose of the service provided by the Rav-Kav Online System is to enable users to purchase public transport contracts and load them onto Rav-Kav cards. The service enables users to purchase contracts from Egged or from any public transport operator who is a member of the Public Transport Operators' Forum, and allows said contracts to be used in all public transport companies that accept said contracts, subject to the requirements of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, which are subject to change.

3. Prices, Collection, and Payments

3.1 The parties responsible for determining public transport fares, including the types of contracts offered and the rates of discount granted for each user profile type, are the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, subject to the Supervision of Goods and Services Order, 1957/. Said fares are regulated by the Supervision of Goods and Services Order (Bus Ride Fares and Local Train Ride Fares), 2003/. Any inquiry or complaint on this matter must be directed to the ombudsman of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety or the ombudsman of the Ministry of Finance.

3.2 When purchasing contracts through the service, no service fees (or any other fees) shall be incurred by the Registered User beyond the stated public transport fares. However, Pcentra reserves the right to determine, from time to time and subject to the Terms of Service, that on any purchase of a contract through the service, a service fee shall apply, and the fee shall be added to the fare when purchasing the contract.

3.3 Contracts purchased using the Rav-Kav Online System grant the right to travel with all Public Transport Operators, subject to the terms of each respective contract, as regulated by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and the Ministry of Finance. This shall not affect the price of any contract.

3.4 It is hereby clarified that while access to the Website is free of charge, you may be charged by your internet service provider for internet access services, subject to the terms of your agreement with your provider.

3.5 Payment for contracts will be made by the Registered User to Pcentra and charged to the Registered User's payment card, subject to the Terms of Service. By joining the service, the Registered User acknowledges and consents to the above.

3.6 When a Registered User registers to the service, they consent to having their purchase confirmations for purchases made through the service be made available on their Account, accessible via the Website. The Registered User may contact Pcentra to obtain past purchase confirmations dating up to one year prior to the date of the request.

3.7 No sum shall be refunded, be it partially or in full, to users whose access to the service was restricted or denied due to a violation of the Terms of Service.

3.8 Users may cancel their purchases up to 14 days after the date of purchase, subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "Consumer Protection Law"). Users who cancel a purchase subject to the Consumer Protection Law shall be eligible for a refund, net of a cancellation fee amounting to no more than 5% of the transaction price or ILS 100, whichever is lower. In any case, purchase cancellations may be made with the Public Transport Operator from which the contract was purchased, subject to the regulations and instructions prescribed by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, which are subject to change.
The Ministry of Transport and Road Safety has established a national clearing house, which is exclusively authorized and responsible for restoring Rav-Kav cards. Therefore, if a Rav-Kav card is lost, the client must visit any service station owned by a Public Transport Operator to restore their card.

3.9 If Pcentra is not able to charge a due payment from the Registered User using the payment card information that the Registered User entered during the purchase process, Pcentra may take action to collect the debt by any other means, at its discretion, including clearing the Registered User's payment card until the debt is paid in full (including clearing any other payment cards entered into the system and/or authorized by the Registered User), and send the Registered User a written demand to repay the debt, and the Registered User shall repay the debt to the Pcentra within 7 days after receiving any written demand. Any collection costs entailed accrued in the process shall be incurred in full by the Registered User.

3.10 If a Fine due to Non-Payment is imposed on the Registered User owing to circumstances that do not arise from any wrongdoing or negligence on Pcentra's part, then it shall be the Registered User's own responsibility to submit or promote any claim or appeal with regard to said fine before the relevant authorities.

3.11 Should the Registered User wish to dispute a charge, the Registered User shall contact Pcentra or the relevant Public Transport Operator and present the relevant purchase confirmation, all as soon as practicable and no later than 45 days after the charge in question appeared on the Registered User's account. When opening a dispute, the Registered User shall volunteer all the relevant information. The dispute shall be reviewed, and a response will be communicated to the Registered User within 15 business days.

4. The Registered User's Responsibilities

4.1 The Registered User (including any prospective user) undertakes that the information provided to Pcentra is true and up to date. Should a Registered User discover that the information provided to Pcentra was erroneous or false, the Registered User must notify Pcentra and correct the information at the earliest possible opportunity. The Registered User must also notify Pcentra of any changes in the information provided.

4.2 The Registered User undertakes the following:

4.2.1 Not to divulge their Personally Identifiable Information to third parties.

4.2.2 To keep their Personally Identifiable Information hidden and safe.

4.2.3 To notify Pcentra of any unpermitted use of the Registered User's account, as soon as such event becomes known to the Registered User. For that purpose, the Registered User shall contact Pcentra by email, at support@ravkavonline.co.il, or by phone, at 073-2017498.

4.2.4 To notify Pcentra if the Registered User's Personally Identifiable Information was exposed to a third party, or if the Registered User's payment card has been lost, all as soon as such event becomes known to the Registered User. For that purpose, the Registered User shall contact Pcentra by email, at support@ravkavonline.co.il, or by phone, at 073-2017498.

4.3 The Registered User shall be solely responsible for any action, operation, or transaction made on the Registered User's Account, by the Registered User or otherwise, permitted or otherwise, unless such unpermitted actions are the result of negligence by Pcentra.

4.4 The Registered User shall be solely responsible for any action performed on their personal computer, by the Registered User or otherwise, permitted or otherwise.

4.5 Pcentra reserves the right to suspend the Registered User's account until further notice, if it suspects that the terms described in this article were violated.

5. Technological Requirements for Usage of the Service

The Usage of the Rav-Kav Online System shall, at all times, be contingent upon the availability and integrity of the Registered User's internet access, mobile device, personal computer, browser, and more. Pcentra shall not be liable in case of failure of any of the aforementioned products or services. You hereby agree to provide for yourself and bear all costs for any equipment, software, and internet access services necessary to use the service.

6. Pcentra's Responsibilities

6.1 Pcentra does not guarantee that the services provided by the Website will be undisrupted, provided correctly, continuously, safely, and without error, or impervious to unauthorized access to Pcentra's systems or to any damages, malfunctions, crashes, or failures – all with respect to any hardware, software, and communications lines and systems administered by Pcentra or its providers.

6.2 The Website is provided "as is" and "as available", without any commitment and/or pretense and/or liability of any kind, be it explicit or implicit, and you shall not have any claim or demand toward Pcentra with regard to the service provided by the Website, its capabilities, limitations, or the degree to which it accommodates your personal needs. Pcentra cannot guarantee that the Website will fulfill your needs or expectations, or that the Website will operate without errors or disruptions. So far as it is permitted by law, Pcentra exempts itself from all responsibility, including the responsibility for the rights to any property or the non-violation of the rights to any property, for the service's commercial quality, and for the service's suitability for a certain purpose. Pcentra does not guarantee and is not responsible for the degree of accuracy, integrity, usability, or reliability of the results that are presented during the use of the Website. Pcentra shall not be liable, whether on the basis of contract law, tort law (including by way of negligence), or any other basis, to you or to any third party for indirect, special, or consequential damages, or for any lost or damaged income, profit, or reputation, or for lost or damaged data or records, regardless of who they are suffered by, arising from or as a result of or related to the Usage of the Website, even of Pcentra was aware that such damages may be caused.

6.3 Insofar as the Website contains hyperlinks to external websites owned by third parties, said hyperlinks and third-party websites are provided "as-is" and without any liability on Pcentra's part, and the use of said websites shall be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by said third parties.

6.4 Pcentra shall be liable only with regard to monetary damages incurred by the Registered User, such as they may be, that are caused as a result of Pcentra's negligence or failure to fulfill its responsibilities as described in the Terms of Service. Pcentra's liability in such case shall be limited to the amounts paid by the Registered User (conditional upon presentation of a purchase confirmation and/or payment card statement) and/or to the sums charged to the Registered User's account. In this context, it is hereby stated in all matters concerning the purchase of contracts from Public Transport Operators through the System, should the user wish to make any claim regarding, but not limited to, refunds, purchase cancellations, or restoring data on a card, any request for refund, purchase cancellation, or restoration of card data must be directed to the service center of the relevant Public Transport Operator.

7. Usage of the Website

The following terms for Usage of the Website may not be violated, unless Pcentra has granted its prior written consent and subject to the terms of such consent, if provided:

7.1 The Website is intended for private and personal use only. It is prohibited to copy and use or allow others to use the Website's Content in any way, including by publishing it on other websites, digital media, print media, and so forth, for any purpose, be it commercial or non-commercial, that is not for private and personal use.

7.2 It is prohibited to link to the Website from any website that contains pornographic content, content that encourages or promotes racism or wrongful discrimination, or content that is unlawful or unlawfully published or encourages or promotes unlawful activities.

7.3 It is prohibited to present Content taken from the Website by any means – including any software, device, apparatus, or communications protocol – that may alter or remove parts of the Content, and especially any advertisements and commercial content, as the case may be.

7.4 Usage of the Rav-Kav Online Website shall be subject to these Terms of Service and subject to the terms of use of the device used by the Registered User, which shall supplement the Terms of Service and in no case detract or undermine the Terms of Service.

8. The Company's Intellectual Property and the Customer's Usage License

8.1 Pcentra hereby grants you, the Registered User, a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-commercial, non-sublicensable, fully cancellable license to use the Website on any personal computer in the Registered User's possession or under the Registered User's domain, all subject to the terms and for the purposes stated herein. All rights not explicitly granted by this license agreement are reserved by Pcentra.

8.2 All copyrighted material and intellectual property presented on the Website, its Content, and the services provided in it are owned and shall remain owned exclusively by Pcentra, or by other parties who grant Pcentra permission to use such copyrighted materials and intellectual property. The rights to all intellectual property (including, but not limited to, copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, patents, and so on) that is present or expressed in the Website, and/or attached, linked, and/or related to the Website, are owned and shall remain owned exclusively by Pcentra. This agreement does not grant you any right to the Website or in relation to the Website beyond the limited right to use the Website subject to the terms of this agreement. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, display, disseminate, alter, process, derive from, sell, or rent any of the aforementioned, whether by you or by any third party or in collaboration with any third party, in any way and by any means, be they electronic, mechanical, or optic, or by any photo-optic or recording devices, or by means of any other nature, without the prior written consent of Adom Transportation or any of the other rights owners, as the case may be and subject to the terms of such consent, if provided.

8.3 Except when it is explicitly permitted by this agreement, you agree not to: (a) use, alter, or combine the Website with another software, or create works derived from any part of the Website; (b) sell, license (or sublicense), lease, assign, transfer, pawn, or share the rights granted to you by this agreement with any other person or party; (c) copy, distribute, or replicate the Website on behalf or for the benefit of third parties; (d) alter, deconstruct, decompile, reverse-engineer, update, or improve the Website, or try to discover the Website's source code; and/or (e) use the Website for illegal, immoral, or prohibited purposes. It is hereby clarified that this license agreement is limited and does not include usage of the Website for commercial purposes; collection and use of any information, descriptions, or prices; usage derived from the Website or its Content; downloading or copying information on behalf of or for the benefit of third parties; and any use of data mining tools, data scraping tools, robots, or any similar tool for the purpose of collecting or extracting data.

8.4 Should you ever submit to Pcentra any comments, suggestions, or materials regarding the Website's development, design, or promotion, it is hereby clarified that you shall not be eligible for compensation if Pcentra's uses your suggestions, and you grant Pcentra an irrevocable, worldwide license to use said suggestions.

9. Commercial Content

9.1 The Website may contain commercial content, such as advertisements, that are presented on behalf of various advertisers or users offering goods or services for sale. Said commercial content may appear in the form of text, images, or audio.

9.2 Pcentra shall not be liable for the commercial content published on the Website. Pcentra does not author, review, verify, approve, or edit said content. The responsibility for commercial content and the results of any action taken in reliance thereupon lies only with the advertisers. The publishing of commercial content on the Website does not constitute endorsement of or recommendation to purchase any of the services, assets, or products offered therein.

9.3 Any transaction that may take place as a result of commercial content displayed on the Website shall be between you and the advertiser. Pcentra shall not be party to such transactions and shall not be responsible for the goods and services offered by or purchased through commercial content published on the Website.

10. Alterations, Cessation of Service, and Support

10.1 Pcentra is not obligated by this agreement to provide support or maintenance services or to upgrade or alter the Website or to release new versions of the Website. However, Pcentra may, from time to time, release upgraded versions of the Website, and may automatically upgrade any version of the Website that is intended to be accessed from any type of Communications Device. You hereby grant your consent to such automatic upgrades, and you agree that the terms described in this agreement shall apply to all such upgrades.

10.2 Pcentra may, from time to time, alter the service provided by the Website, including the structure, appearance, scope, design, availability, and any other aspect of the service, including by removing existing services and introducing additional services – and Pcentra shall not be required to give any prior notice with regard to said changes. Such changes shall take into account, among other things, the dynamic nature of the internet, the changes to which it is subject, be they technological in nature or otherwise, as a result of upgrading the Website or adding or removing Content or any other changes deemed appropriate by Pcentra. Due to their nature, such changes may entail errors or malfunctions or cause inconvenience and so on. You shall have no claim against Pcentra regarding such changes, or regarding any malfunctions as a result of the implementation of such changes.

10.3 Without detracting from the above, Pcentra may cease some or all of the services provided by the Website at any time, so long as it does not diminish the Registered User's right to utilize their purchased balance. Pcentra shall announce the cessation of services on the Website a reasonable amount of time in advance. Upon termination of this agreement by Pcentra: (a) the license granted to you will expire and you shall cease to use the Website from that moment on, and (b) you shall return to Pcentra any tangible property that includes or contains the intellectual property of Pcentra, as well as all copies thereof, and/or delete or destroy any information in relation thereto that is held in your possession electronically.

10.4 Pcentra works to maintain the site and ensure that it works correctly, so that you may enjoy and benefit from the services it provides. If you become aware of any error or mistake on the Website, please let us know by writing an email to support@ravkavonline.co.il. Pcentra cannot guarantee that every error will be resolved. Pcentra is happy to help with any specific problem you may have.

11. End of Engagement

11.1 The Registered User may end their engagement with Pcentra with regard to the service, by submitting a written notice to Pcentra. The engagement between Pcentra and the Registered User shall end 3 days after the notice is received by Pcentra. The end of engagement does not diminish a Registered User's obligation to pay public transport fares, or any other obligation undertaken by the Registered User prior to the end of engagement.

11.2 Pcentra may end its engagement with the Registered User or prohibit the Registered User from performing certain actions, if it suspects that the Terms of Service were violated or that the Registered User's account was misused, or that charges due from the Registered User were not paid in full and in a duly manner, or that the Registered User denies a transaction registered in their Account. Pcentra shall not be obligated to give the Registered User prior notice, but it shall notify the Registered User via email or via the Website when their account is blocked or restricted.

12. Contact

To contact Pcentra, use the contact form.

Pcentra Ltd, 8 Yitzhak Sadeh Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 073-2017498 support@pcentra.com, www.pcentra.com.

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