"Derekh Shava" Reform in Public Transport

What you should know about the changes

Fares on public transport will change in August 2022. To make the transition simple and easy, we have compiled the things that are important for you to know in preparation for the public transport reform.

The fare is determined by the distance and the means of transportation.

From now on, fares will be calculated according to the air travel distance and the means of transportation - bus and light rail or train. The rates are set according to a distance of up to 15 km, 40 km, 75 km, 120 km, 225 km and up to unlimited travel throughout the country.

A local bus trip of up to 15 km, which until now has cost 6 NIS for a single trip or a cumulative trip in most cities, will now cost 5.50 NIS.

"Hofshee Nationally" at a price of 225 NIS

A new deal allows travel by bus and light rail for distances of up to 225 km, without limitations for an entire month, at a price of 225 NIS. There is a deal that also allows you to travel by Israel Railways a distance of up to 40 km, at a monthly price of 255 NIS.

“Hofshee Hodshee” between towns outside the Jerusalem metropolitan area / Gush Dan / Haifa at a price of 99 NIS.

For the first time, there is a new deal which allow travel at a distance of up to 40 km by bus, between towns outside of the Jerusalem / Gush Dan / Haifa metropolitan area at a monthly price of 99 NIS.

Free travel for those 75 and older

Senior citizens aged 75 and over are entitled to free travel on all means of public transportation, all over the country, free of charge. To receive the benefit, a one-time profile update must be performed on the Rav Kav website, on the Rav Kav Online App for supporting Android and iPhone devices or at one of the Rav Kav Online service desks, at kiosks, marketing and pharmacy chains throughout the country.

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“Hodshee Hofshee” with a 50% discount; also for a youth profile

Until now, holders of a Rav Kav youth profile have benefitted from a 50% discount only when charging an accumulated value. From August 2022, youth profile holders benefit from that 50% discount even when charging a “Hodshee Hofshee” deal.

Canceling the discount on accumulated value for regular profile holders

From August, the existing discount on an accumulated value given to regular profile holders will be cancelled. For example, starting on August 1st, when loading accumulated value worth 100 NIS, the Rav Kav card will be loaded with an accumulated value of 100 NIS.

Increasing the discount on the accumulated value for those entitled to social insurance and those with a disabled profile

From August 2022, National Insurance beneficiaries and those with a disabled profile are entitled to a 50% discount when charging an accumulated value to the Rav Kav card. For example, when loading 50 NIS worth of accumulated value, 100 NIS of accumulated value will be added to the Rav Kav card for use on all types of transportation.

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