Order a Rav-Kav Card Online

Order a Rav-Kav card and load your discount profile from the comfort of your home!

Order a Rav-Kav Card from the Comfort of Your Home!

Apply Online

Choose whether you want a new or replacement Rav-Kav card and select your profile.

If you are eligible for a Senior Citizen, Youth, Student, National Insurance Beneficiary, or Disabled profile, you can now upload your documents and apply online.

Upload Your Documents

  • ID card
  • Headshot, to be imprinted on the card
  • Supporting documents for your profile type

You can take a photo of each document on your smartphone and upload them to your application.

Your Rav-Kav Card Will Be Delivered to Your Home

Once your application is approved, you'll enter your payment details and delivery address, and we'll send you your Rav-Kav card by mail.

You can order more than one Rav-Kav card in the same order.

Order Your Rav-Kav Card

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