Rav-Kav loading at your business

Load Rav-Kav for public transportation and earn a commission!

In the last couple of years the Ministry of Transportation decided to phase out the option to buy and load Rav-Kav cards from the bus driver all around the country. Businesses who offer Rav-Kav loading services can earn commissions on sales and benefit from increased traffic.

Commission for Every Sale

We'll send you a designated terminal for loading Rav-Kav cards. Every time a customer loads their card, your business gets a portion of the purchase amount.

Great Publicity and Exposure

The list of businesses that offer Rav-Kav loading services is published on the Rav-Kav Online website and in occasional publications.

A Service for Your Customers

If your business is located close to a bus stop or train station, you can benefit from higher foot traffic and offer an important service to public transport passengers.

We'll Be There For You

Our service and technical support will help you through the process over the phone, by email, and in person.

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