Solutions for Institutions and Organizations

Public transportation payment solutions for large and medium sized institutions and organizations!

Advanced Loading Features

Load your Rav-Kav cards quickly and easily, via the website or in the app.

Monthly Invoicing

Receive monthly invoices for all of the transactions carried out during the billing period.

You're in Control

View your monthly activities, purchases, and expenses online.

Issue Rav-Kav Cards

Streamline the process by issuing cards in bulk, pre-loaded with the discount profile of your choice. An ideal solution for educational institutions and boarding schools.

Personal Service and Support

Our support team will help you through the process by phone and by email.

Golan Regional Council

Here at the Golan Regional Council, we face a unique challenge – loading monthly passes for 700 schoolchildren each month. Shortly after I contacted Rav-Kav Online, they provided me with an easy solution that saved me valuable time and effort.

Now, we can load our cards more quickly and accurately than ever before.

But even the best technologies are worthless without proper support, so I thank the Rav-Kav Online team for their availability, flexibility, and patience.

Ilan Shaibi, Director of Public Transport, Golan Cluster

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

I am grateful for the courteous and professional service we receive from Rav-Kav Online.

Their cooperation enables the International Fellowship to provide aid for needy populations quickly and efficiently.

It's great to work with an organization that's constantly innovating and offers fast, flexible customer service.

Ruth Havashush

Oranim Boarding School

As a rehabilitation center for adolescents, sympathy and compassion are two qualities we look for in our service providers, as they directly affect the way we treat our pupils.

From the moment we started working with Rav-Kav Online, they've been nothing but warm, caring and sympathetic toward each and every boy and girl. Using Rav-Kav Online means that when we send our pupils home on vacation, we can rest assured knowing they each have a loaded Rav-Kav card.

Rav-Kav Online has become an inseparable part of our journey as an adolescent rehabilitation center.

Oranim Boarding School