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Buy Train Tickets Online

Which types of tickets can I buy?

You can buy a single ride ticket, 6 rides ticket or a 12 rides ticket, from any station to any station. Also, as always, you can load stored value, a daily, weekly, monthly, semster ir yearly pass that is valid on the train.

If you have a special profile such as Senior Citizen, Student or Disabled Person, you'll get the best price for your profile.

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Sounds good! How do I load my Rav-Kav?

The train ticket can be loaded in several ways:

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Validating a train ride using the stored value on the card

If your Rav-Kav card has a stored value on it, you can get on the train directly buy passing the card at the gate, and the ride will be charged upon exiting the station in accordance with the distance travelled.

It is important to know: Validating the ride in this way is possible when the stored value on the card is a minimum of 30 NIS.

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