Rav-Kav Online is Coming to iPhone!

Starting with iOS 13, iPhones can finally be used to load a Rav-Kav

Rav-Kav Online iPhone

Starting at iOS 13, you can scan and load Rav-Kav cards from your iPhone.

How Do I Start Using the App?

After upgrading to iOS 13, users with iPhone 7 or later can install the Rav-Kav Online app from the Apple App Store, and load their Rav-Kav using their iPhone device.

What Can I Do With the App?

The Rav-Kav Online app for iPhone offers many functions: loading a contract, canceling a loaded contract, converting stored value, extending card validity, loading a profile and more...

What are You Waiting For?

Download the Rav-Kav Online App for iPhone from the App Store and load your Rav-Kav card with comfort.

Download the app for iPhone" Download the app for iPhone