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Which Contracts Can I Load?

Rav-Kav Online offers many seasonal contracts:

  • Monthly: Ride in a selected area for an entire month. Monthly contracts can be loaded from the 25th until the 5th of each month.
  • Weekly: Ride in a selected areas for 7 days.
  • Daily: Ride in a selected areas for a single day.
  • Flexible 30: Ride in a selected area from 30 days.

In What Areas Can I Ride using the Seasonal Contracts?

  • Israel is divided to four metropolitans: Tel-Aviv Area, Beer-Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem and some additional areas near the main metropolitans
  • Each metropolitan is divided into rings, which are divided into several areas with approximate cities
  • For each area, or a combination of areas, there is a different price

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When Should I Load a Monthly Contract?

Monthly contracts are best suited for passengers that travel regularly. For example, from and to work or school.

Passengers that plan on using public transportation in the middle of the month can load a "Flexible 30" contracts at any time.

Passengers that plan to use public transportation in a single day can usually benefit from loading a daily contract.

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