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What periodic contracts can be charged?

Daily pass: ride without limit for the whole day, at a price that changes according to the travel distance and type of transport.

Nationwide pass: ride on all types of public transport except for “Israel Railways”, up to a distance of 225 km, without limit, for a full month, at the fixed price of 225 NIS.

Nationwide pass-train combo: ride on all types of public transport including “Israel Railways”, for a full month. The price of the deal changes according to point of origin and destination.

Monthly pass for the periphery: ride on buses to a distance of up to 40 km, without limit for a full month, between towns outside the Metropolitan area of Jerusalem/ Gush Dan/ Haifa, at a fixed price of 99 NIS.

For which areas are the periodic contracts valid for?

From August 2022, with the Derekh Hashaveh reform coming into force, there will be changes to fares on public transport, such that from now on, travel will be calculated according to the air travel distance and type of public transport - bus and light rail, or “Israel Railways”.

The rates are set according to a distance of up to 15 km, 40 km, 75 km, 120 km, 225 km and up to unlimited travel throughout the country.

How is the validity of the monthly pass calculated?

A monthly pass can be charged on the Rav-Kav card on any day of the month and will be valid until that day of the following month, minus one day. For example:

  • A contract that came into effect from 1/8 will be valid until 31/8.
  • A contract that came into effect from 2/8 will be valid until 1/9.

There are a number of cases in short months such as February and in leap years where the validity period for the monthly pass will be shorter or longer than 30 days.

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