Contract Reservation In Rav-Kav Online

Reserve a contract with just the card number and load at any service station

Contract Reservation In Rav-Kav Online

What is Contract Reservation?

Contract reservation is for passengers that does't have a supported device, or for passengers who wish to pay for someone else such as friends, children and employees.

Use your card number to purchase a contract on the Rav-Kav Online website or App, and load it onto your card later, on any supported device or at any service station.

How Can I Make a Reservation?

You can make a reservation in the website or using the App:

  • In the website go to the reservation page. In the App, choose "locate service station" in the menu and follow the instructions.
  • Enter the Rav-Kav number that appears in the back of the card.
  • Choose the relevant contract according to the profile, and pay with a credit card.

How I Load the Reserved Contract?

The contract can be loaded in several ways:

  • From any supported mobile device using the Rav-Kav Online App
  • From your PC using a card reader
  • In Casponet ATMs
  • In Kiosks

Pay Attention: You will be charged only after the contract was successfully loaded.

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