Register for Coronavirus Compensation to Your Rav-Kav

Get notified immediately when your compensation becomes available

Who is Eligible for Compensation?

  • Passengers that purchased a monthly seasonal contract that started between the 15th of February and the 15th of March.
  • Students who purchased a yearly or semester contract for the current school year.

What Compensation Will I get?

Those eligible will get a special seasonal contract or stored value for an amount to be decided by the Ministry of Transportation. When we get the official approval, we will send you an email with all of the details.

How Will I Get the Compensation?

To get the compensation you would have to load a contract to your Rav-Kav card in one of the following ways:

I Loaded Using Rav-Kav Online, Do I Need to Register For Compensation?

If you used the Rav-Kav Online mobile app or website we already registered you for compensation.Once it's ready, we will send you an email.

Pay attention!

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Transportation, compensations can no longer be claimed after the 31.12.2020.