Free Parking in Tel Aviv with Rav-Kav Online

Rav-Kav Online, the city of Tel Aviv and Ahuzot Ha'Hof give you free parking in Tel Aviv

Rav-Kav Online Parking

How Does it Work?

  • Park your car at the Reading West parking lot (next to Tel-Aviv Port) and travel with your Rav-Kav card.
  • Before exiting the parking lot, go to the payment machine with your Rav-Kav card and parking ticket.
  • First place the Rav-Kav in the designated place, and then insert the parking ticket.
  • If you are eligible for free parking, a message will appear on the screen and you are good to go!

Sounds Amazing! Who's Eligible for Free Parking?

If you traveled with your Rav-Kav card at least once while parking, you are eligible for free parking.

If you park for more than 12 hours, you will only get the last 12 hours for free.

Free parking is currently granted only in the Reading parking lot. For updates on additional parking lots, register to Rav-Kav Online.

Don't have a Rav-Kav card yet? Order your Rav-Kav now!

Wait ... What's the Catch?

There is no catch! The city of Tel-Aviv and Rav-Kav Online want to encourage use of public transportaiton inside the city. What better way of doing it than giving you a place to park your car for free!

So what are you waiting for? Park your car at the Reading parking lot and travel with public transportation. It's faster, safer and better for the environment!

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